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Indian Law is a variety of state, federal, and international law, as well as a variety of federal regulations. When it comes to Indian law there is a long road ahead. The interests and legal needs of Indian tribes are expansive and quite simply, very complicated. Which makes providing legal services to Indian Tribes rather difficult for attorney’s or law firms lacking the extremely specialized areas of practice required. Jenkins Law PLLC has over 7 years of experience specializing in Indian law in every area. Federal law allows Native Americans a kind of special sovereign autonomy, subject to an overriding federal authority, similar to the interaction between the states and the federal government. Federal law treats Indian tribes as "domestic, dependent nations." This law was enacted by Congress to protect the sovereign authority of Indian groups from state authority. This includes the sovereign authority of Indian tribal courts to decide disputes relating to Indian affairs. However, these courts lack authority over non-Indians, even if they conduct activity on an Indian reservation unless the activity threatens the welfare of the tribe.  No matter what your situation Jenkins Law PLLC can help.  

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